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Linux Package Installer for Wordpress

A module for LPI which automatically installs Wordpress, easily and securely. Optionally, add-ons can also be installed automatically

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Linux Package Installer for Wordpress (LPI-WP)

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LPI-WP installs and auto configures Wordpress, with by default, ssh-sftp-updater, w3-total-cache and Wordfence security modules. Additional default modules can be specified.

LPI-WP is primarily designed to work with Web Chroot Manager (WCM) (, but with extra parameters provided it can function independently on any generic LAMP installation.


LPI-WP has been designed for Ubuntu 12.04+ LTS. Debian is not yet officially support but should work. CentOS/Redhat support are due with the next release.

It is assumed MySQL is listening on, although this can be changed by editing the DB_SERVER variable within the shell file.

Installation requirements

The domain which will be configured using LPI-WP must be resolvable by the server, either via DNS or hosts file

How to use LPI-WP

There are two modes, WCM mode (default) and generic mode

WCM can be found here:

Usage: ./ [options...]

WCM mode

LPI-WP relies on WCM configuration files. This mode is default, only two options are required:

After Wordpress has successfully installed the script outputs the credentials for the WP admin user

Optional arguments:

Generic mode

Can be ran on any LAMP installation, WCM is not required. It is assumed the MySQL server is running locally

Certain parameters are mandatory:

Optional arguments:

Generic mode example command

$ ./ -g -w www-data -d /var/www/ -u www-data -e -s -m databasename